Two vehicles parked on the ground
Vehicles parked in front of a building with a boat on the trailer
Vehicles parked across the river marina


Offering transport of all trailers – boat, vehicle, or other – throughout the continental United States and Canada. Molé Transport can safely handle any boat up to 33 feet.  For unique applications, please contact Frank.

What’s most important is the safe transport of your boat or trailer.  With an absolutely flawless record of 100% satisfied customers, you can rest assured that your investment is trusted into good hands.

Molé Transport handles all aspects of the safe and secure transport of your boat or trailer.  With tens of thousands of miles of experience, absolute satisfaction is the goal of our service.

In addition to basic transportation services, Frank handles all aspects of completing a transaction for both parties, and can perform a thorough engine and boat inspection for the buyer, should the product be purchased sight-unseen.